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If you are interested in belonging to the Mountain Bike Patrol at China Peak see the information below. 

See You Next Summer

For further information contact Olivia Lyons at

Mountain Bike Patroller

          The volunteer mountain bike patroller is an individual who has committed to volunteering a minimum of 10 days at China Peak Mountain Resort. In exchange for this commitment, the volunteer will receive benefits. As a patroller, the volunteer is expected to show up on time and be available to patrol for the entire day. Patrollers assist in a variety of functions at the resort, and are a key factor in the safety of resort guests.

Responsibilities of patrollers:

  • Hill Safety
  • Guest education 
  • Emergency response to guests 
  • First aide care 
  • Set up and take down of operations equipment on the hill 
  • Various other tasks involving the resorts operations

Expectations of patrollers:

  • Show up on time, in uniform (uniform is an approved patrol shirt, dark pants, and helmet)
  • Current NSP and/or IMBA membership
  • Current health care provider level of CPR (Red Cross, American Heart Assoc., American Safety & Health Institute
  • Current Emergency Responder Certification (Red Cross ER, OEC, WFR, or above)
  • Attendance to the refresher prior to season start
  • Own equipment and competent riding skills
  • Professional mannerism and conduct to guests

Benefits for patrollers

  • Lunch provided by the resort on the day of patrolling
  • Season pass
  • Discounts on food items and sport shop items
  • Discounts on lodging
  • Benefit Option. The patroller is to choose one of the following:

                  o A season pass for their spouse, or dependent

                  o A ticket they can give to anyone of their choosing on the day they arepatrolling. (Tickets can not be banked, patroller can not sell the tickets, tickets need to be used the day the patroller is 


                  o A season pass to be given to anyone of their choosing

*This is just a general and basic outline and is not all inclusive of responsibilities, expectations, and benefits. This is also subject to change.

Mountian Bike Patrol Summer 2011

Region, Divison and National Patrol Awards 

2006 -2007 Outstanding Large Patrol - Mother Lode Region

2007-2008 Outstanding Large Patrol - Mother Lode Region

                  Outstanding Large Patrol - Far West Division

                  Outstanding Large Patrol - Silver Star Award National Ski Patrol

2011-2012 Outstanding Large Patrol - Mother Lode Region

              Outstanding Large Patrol - Far West Division

                  Outstanding Large Patrol - Silver Star Award National Ski Patrol