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3/20/ 2013 - China Peak Ski Patrol Update FYI:

  • There is a Board of Directors meeting scheduled for this Monday night March 25, 2013 at 6:30 pm at the office of Mike McDonald located at 7025 N. Chestnut Ave.  All members of the China Peak Ski Patrol are welcome to attend. 
  • Please see an updated China Peak Ski Patrol calendar at the bottom showing all important remaining dates for this season.
  • Please support your patrol by selling raffle tickets to win a weekend at the Elliott House Bed & Breakfast in Shaver Lake!  Drawing May 10th.
  • Thank for your continued strong showing of patrol days by the voluntary patrol. Your help has been strong both midweek and weekends.  Great job!
  • Our Awards Dinner and Season ending celebration is Friday May 10th, 2013.  More details to follow. 
  • Our OEC Continuing Education Training has been outstanding the past 5 Saturdays.  Thank you La Donna Crane for organizing and over seeing this valuable training.  Our OEC Instructor core leading theses sessions have been outstanding. 
  • OEC Training for this Saturday is finding an unresponsive/unconscious patient on scene.
  • Patrol Elections for 3 new Board of Director Members will be coming in May.  The call for Candidates will be sent out before April 1, 2013.
  • We are not sure when the Patrol Season will end.  We will get this date to you as soon I know.  For the closing weekend we will need a ton of help to close down the mountain and the Patrol Room. There are 125 tower pads alone that will need to be pulled and stored.  Its fun and your help will be appreciated.
  • In terms of your personnel equipment and locker your items will need to be removed by the end of the season.  If you are patrolling this summer you can maintain your locker.  No items can be stored within the locker room including skis on the ski rack.  Items remaining will be removed by China Peak.
  • Coming Saturday May 25, 2013 our patrol will be putting an Instructor Development Course at the new Sequoia North Brewery Board Room.  This course is open to any China Peak ski patroller who wants to become an NSP Instructor and is a prerequisite to becoming an instructor. More information will be sent soon.                               

China Peak Ski Patrol Calendar for the 2012-13 Patrol Season

Note: Complete Candidate Calendar not include within this Calendar   


1.    March 24, 2013: Senior NSP Emergency Management @ China Peak.

2.    March 25, 2013: CPSP - BOD meeting @ Michael McDonald office 6:30 pm. 

3.    April 1, 2013: Call for China Peak Ski Patrol BOD Election – Linda B.

4.    April 6-7, 2013: Senior Ski & Toboggan Clinic @ Sugar Bowl.

5.    April 22, 2013: CPSP - BOD meeting @ Michael McDonald office 6:30 pm. 

6.    May 10, 2013: China Peak Ski Patrol Awards @ YFC starting 5:00 Happy Hour w/ Dinner at 6:00 pm. (Trying move to Sequoia North)

7.    May 18, 2013:  MLR Awards Dinner

8.    May 20, 2013:  CPSP - BOD meeting @ Michael McDonald office 6:30 pm. Season wrap & planning for 2013/14 Patrol Season.

9.    May 25, 2013:  China Peak Ski Patrol Instructor Development Class 9:00 – 5:00.  More information will be sent.

10. July 1, 2013:  China Peak to start Summer Bike program.

11. July 25, 2013:  Start OEC Program????????????

12. August 3, 2013:  FWD BOD meeting & Awards Dinner.

13. Sept 14, 2013:  ESR & MLR Continuing ID Training for NSP Instructors – Davis

14. November 8-10, 2013:  CPSP Refresher Weekend.


Tony Atkins

China Peak Ski Patrol Volunteer Director



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Region, Divison and National Patrol Awards 

2006 -2007 Outstanding Large Patrol - Mother Lode Region

2007-2008 Outstanding Large Patrol - Mother Lode Region

                  Outstanding Large Patrol - Far West Division

                  Outstanding Large Patrol - Silver Star Award National Ski Patrol

2011-2012 Outstanding Large Patrol - Mother Lode Region

              Outstanding Large Patrol - Far West Division

                  Outstanding Large Patrol - Silver Star Award National Ski Patrol